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Monthly Meeting: September 2015

ISIP held a major meeting last September 25, 2015, to restructure the organization and to discuss and update everyone on the status current projects.

The organizational structure of ISIP was restructured in order to make the organization more efficient in working towards its goals and to make the responsibilities of each committee more concrete. The new commitees are as follows: Research, Media, Externals, Finance, Human Resources, and Community Development. Current and new members of ISIP can be part of one of these six commitees. Vice Presidents to represent each committee in the Central Board were also elected.

After everyone was organized into their new committees, the projects were presented, and a project head was elected for each. Everyone in the meeting was briefed on the objectives, scopes and limitations, assignments, and timetable for all projects.

Also, as ISIP moves to expand, the ISIP team in present was renamed into ISIP Central, while three new chapters of ISIP — ISIPxPisay, ISIPxUP and ISIPxADMU — were slated to be created. These new chapters, once established in their respective schools, will focus on science education, while ISIP Central will concentrate on research and development.

Midway through the meeting, the team also discussed branding and held a brainstorming activity, wherein the people were tasked to re-imagine how the ISIP logo should be used in future publication materials.

Overall, the meeting was a major milestone for ISIP, as it significantly transformed the way we do things here at ISIP. It was also very productive and insightful, and got everyone up-to-speed with everything in the pipeline and motivated for their future projects. A future meeting to discuss and write the ISIP constitution was also planned sometime in mid-October.

With many projects in the works and many new committees ready to go, there will be a lot in store for ISIP these coming months. Watch out for Eureka, Discovery 2015’s reunion party, happening on October 17, 2015, and ISIP’s General Assembly for new members, happening sometime in November!

For the meantime, always remember to #DareToAsk!

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